Frequently Asked Questions


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What is the purpose of the Association?

The Association exists to maintain the Common Area open space and landscaping, enforce architectural standards, and enforce the requirements of the Declaration of Covenants Conditions and Restrictions. The City of Santa Rosa required a master association for Fountaingrove as a condition to approval of the subdivisions.

Doesn't the Association represent Fountaingrove residents with the City?

No, the Association does not represent the residents of the Fountaingrove community with the City. The Association has no authority to represent either individual residents or the community as a whole in matters with the City. The City does not consult with the Association on matters related to the Fountaingrove area.

Does the Association maintain the streets, street lights and sidewalks?
The City maintains the streets including paving, speed, traffic control, parking enforcement, street signs, and street lights. The Association maintains only sidewalks that are on Common Area owned by the Association. Each owner is responsible for the sidewalks on their Lot and subassociations are responsible for sidewalks on Common Area owned by the subassociation.
What do I get for my assessments?
The Association exists to maintain the Common Area open space, enforce architectural standards, and enforce the requirements of the Declaration of Covenants Conditions and Restrictions. Assessments pay for maintenance and repair of the Common Area including the open space and landscape areas; maintain some monument signs; processing architectural approval requests; enforcement of the CC&Rs; insurance of the Common Area and Association; and operation of the Association including management and accounting services. Assessments do not pay for maintenance or repair of any residential lot or for insuring any residential lot.
Can I arrange automatic payment of my assessments from my bank account?

Yes. Click here to download the form.  Once you've completed the form you can email it to or mail it in to the management office, 1221 Farmers Lane Ste #300, Santa Rosa CA 95405


May I pay with a credit card?
The FRMA is not set up to accept direct credit card payment.
My Fountaingrove house is a rental property. Can I arrange to have the renter make the assessments payments to FRMA?
That agreement would be between you and your tenant. Your account number should be reflected on your check.
Are HOA assessments payments deductible expenses for income tax purposes?

Please refer this question to your CPA or Tax Attorney. The FRMA cannot offer legal or tax advice.

What happens if assessments are not paid?

The FRMA board takes steps to maintain each assessment account in good standing. For assessments account that is seriously in arrears, where the homeowner is not responsive, the FRMA adheres to the delinquent and collection policy. Your account will be turned over to a collection agency that the Association has currently contracted with.

Do I need Association approval to pour a concrete pad on my property?

Yes. All exterior modifications require to go through the approval process. Hardscape includes walkways, patios, pads, rock walls, etc. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) encourages property improvements but wants to help you comply with our CC&Rs as you proceed. Therefore, you must submit your plans to the ACC  for their review and approval PRIOR to commencement of your project. You may prepare simple drawings and you may appear in person at an ACC meeting to present your plan.

Do I need Association approval to renovate the plants and flowers in my front and rear yards?

Generally, no. Replacement of dead or inappropriate plants does not require Association approval. However, major renovations that include removal of trees that pre-existed original construction do require a plan and application. Certain landscape renovations may require a permit from the City of Santa Rosa and you should check with the City prior to commencing work.

I'm surprised to learn that re-painting my home necessitates Association approval. Why is this?
he ACC wishes merely to assure that house colors remain consistent with our CC&R's.
Is Association approval needed to build a crushed gravel walkway in my garden?

Yes. Crushed gravel is hardscape. The ACC wants to see your plan to make certain that it complies with the CC&R's. Please refer to the Design Review Manual.

I want to add a prefabricated Gazebo to my yard, amidst the trees on my hillside. Do I need Association approval?

Yes. Such additions usually require hardscape for the foundation and access path. Further, there are CC&R requirements regarding external structures and the protection of native trees on hillsides, be they private or public land. It's pretty complex. By looking at your plans, the ACC and our consultants can help assure conformance to all requirements.