Two key goals of Fountaingrove landscaping practices have been to:

  • Harmonize landscaping plans of individual homeowners with the extraordinary natural landscape we share.
  • Act as stewards of the land, maintaining and conserving our common areas for all to share.

The current focus of our landscaping team is to ensure common safety, determine what can be saved, what must be removed and what fixed, and executing plans to act on these priorities. This is a large scope project that must be executed thoughtfully and with an eye toward restoration. The project status link reflects what has been done, what is in progress, and plans for the near term.

The Board is actively working with the Association's landscape architect to create a process for collecting and disseminating this information to members. While we work through the logistics of providing such information through this site, following is an update on landscape maintenance work around

Fountaingrove: Landscape Work Completed

  • Erosion control measures in the burned areas were assessed, documented and implemented shortly after the fires.

Landscape Work Underway

  • Assessment of retaining walls and masonry structures in HOA-owned areas has been completed and repair bids are currently being solicited.

Clean up and clearance of burned debris in common landscape areas in ongoing.

Landscaping Projects Completed, Planned & In-flight

  • As initial safety pruning and road cleanup is completed, crews continue to focus on tree work. Tree work on Fir Ridge Drive is in progress. Southridge, Deer Meadows and Fairway Isle will follow.
  • Work to make all irrigation meters operational on HOA property is in flight
  • Irrigation repairs are underway in the Altruria area south of Fountaingrove Parkway. Landscape improvements will follow. Recently completed landscape projects where damage was limited will be repaired upon completion of the work in the Altruria area. Remove link to FRMA Single Family Design Review Manual. Visit our "Resources" page »

Water Line Replacements (abridged from the City of Santa Rosa Post-Fire Water Advisory):

  • "The repair of fire-damaged portions of the water system is now underway. The City hired local contractors [who] began replacing fire-damaged water services this week. City crews are on-site to assist with water turn-offs and water system flushing. It is estimated that all fire-damaged water services will be replaced by the end of August 2018."
  • For additional information about restoring water quality and to view previous water quality advisory updates, follow this link to the SR Water Quality Advisory website.

Inside the Advisory Area (abridged from the City of Santa Rosa Post-Fire Water Advisory):

  • "On Monday, June 25, 2018, [a contractor] hired to remove and replace contaminated water services started in the Fountaingrove water quality advisory area. Work is now underway and includes trenching in streets from the water main to the water meter to replace City-owned water service lines. The City anticipates that water service replacements in the advisory area will be complete by mid-August 2018."
  • For detailed construction updates, contact Jillian Tilles, Associate Civil Engineer at if questions or visit their website.