Rebuilding Fountaingrove

The choice to rebuild one's home is a very personal one. The Fountaingrove Board and Homeowners Association is here to help you find the information you need to make that decision. Our community will recover from this disaster, but it will take time, effort, patience and determination from all of us to make it happen. Over time we will become a more resilient and stronger community.

Rebuilding our homes and communities is a multi-layered process with many tasks. First was cleanup, then planning and permitting. Preparing your architectural, structural, and soils engineering plans for review is a key real step toward construction. To accomplish this, you'll want to put together your building team: an architect, a contractor and other experts to guide and inform your decision making. Once you have plans ready, they should be presented to the FRMA Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for review and approval, since the city will only accept plans for permit review that bear the ACC approval stamp. When the city issues the necessary permits, construction can begin.

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American Institute of Architects professionals available to help with rebuilding design and/or construction

The Redwood Empire chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the preeminent national non-profit organization for building design professionals, maintains a current list of Bay Area architects and others available to take on fire-related building projects.

The spreadsheet at this link 3.23.18 AIA Architects, et. al. lists architects, structural engineers and other building professionals taking on new projects. The ‘live’ list of these professionals is updated weekly by the AIA, is also available on the Redwood Empire AIA Homeowner Resources page.

City of Santa Rosa

The City of Santa Rosa maintains a web page that provides a snapshot of rebuilding status across the city. You can scroll down to the interactive map on this page and zero in on a specific neighborhood to see how things are going in that area.

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Solar Power

Questions about solar power? Solar Sonoma County is a local non-profit resource for unbiased information about going solar, including vetting solar contractors, construction loan financing and rebate incentives available to homeowners affected by the fires.

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Architectural Control Committee (ACC) guidelines

The intent of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) guidelines are simply to ensure that house colors and design are consistent with the HOA CC&Rs and complement the neighborhood.

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