To FRMA Association Members

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In these stressful and trying times, your FRMA board is focusing on some key objectives:

- Protecting your investment in the hundreds of acres of common areas managed by the Homeowners Association (HOA) and assessing the damage in order to make a comprehensive insurance claim
- Providing current and accurate status from city and county sources about the many issues we're all dealing with- benzene contamination, site clean-up, foundation removal, review of house plans, and other recovery-related matters.
- Providing sources for obtaining additional reliable information about key issues

To accomplish this, the Board publishes a periodic newsletter to all HOA members for whom FRMA Management has a valid email address on file. If you have not received past newsletter emails, please use the form on the Contact tab to provide or update your email address. A Board representative will contact you to confirm receipt of your submission.

Our intent is to help you cope with this unprecedented event and aid your efforts to get your life back together - please contact us as soon as possible. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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Status of Benzene contamination & remediation plan

The FRMA Board has spoken with management of the Water Agency, which is preparing an update on the status of analysis and remediation planning efforts for the benzene contamination. While we didn't receive the update in time for the issue of the newsletter, we expect to have it for you in the next issue. Meanwhile, some information is available on the Water Quality website or by calling the Water Quality Hotline at 707-543-3965.

Click here for the SR Water Quality website »

City Guidelines for Rebuilding

The Santa Rosa Planning Department has put together a checklist of requirements for rebuilding (here at this link).

The Planning Department is also developing an interactive map that enables one to enter an address and be shown a color-coded map indicating the status of permits applied for (i.e., received, pending, approved). We'll have more on this topic as things develop.

Click Here for Home Rebuilding-Plan Submittal Guidelines »

City/Army Corp of Engineers (ACOE) Approval to Rebuild Map

The interactive map on this site will show you the status of testing and approval to rebuild for your lot. Just type in your address and zip code to see the current status. It is updated daily. Call 707-565-6700 with questions (ask for Craig).

Click here for Lot-Specific Debris Removal Status Map »


For those of us rebuilding, a current copy of the FRMA Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) may be helpful.

Click here for FRMA CCRs »

Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Plan Approvals

The ACC is the Board-appointed committee that reviews and approves owner plans to rebuild. Review of your plans by the ACC should occur prior to submission of plans to the city for permits. The Committee meets weekly and is working hard to complete their reviews as quickly as possible. They have thus far approved 12 plans.

Please note that City Planning will return any plans from Fountaingrove that do not bear the ACC stamp.

FRMA Design Review Manual »

Street Sweeping in Fountaingrove

At the Feb. 7 homeowners meeting, concern was voiced about dirt and debris on our streets and that it appeared that street sweeping had been suspended. The FRMA contacted the Director of Public Works, who assured us their contractor, Recology, is performing monthly street sweeping in the fire affected area of Coffey Park and Fountaingrove, and that they did an additional sweep the weekend after the meeting. They also acknowledged sweeping in our neighborhood is challenging right now due to the high volume of truck traffic, but that these areas are definitely on their radar.